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Blog 6- About those obsessions...

I have always for as long as I can remember been caught up in things I have to do. You know like dishes, vacuuming, dusting etc...It's like I'll sit and read my book only once I'm done. Why is it that I can't do the things I enjoy before I do this other stuff. I wake up every single morning with thoughts of what needs to be done. Sometimes when the day doesn't play out the way I planned I will stress or just struggle. I believe I've scarred my kids with my inability to have a healthy outlook on chores or "duties" they will always remember or cringe when they hear the song "Let Me Be There." This is a topic that is often brought up at the dinner table over the years. I've come a long way, I can overlook dust bunnies or a full laundry basket. This has taken years to get here. My wife lives her life surrounding herself with what she enjoys doing guitar, writing, gaming etc. Chores are not her priority. She indulges me in my obsessions. Why is she so different? I ask myself. Parenting, military, youngest of 3 or is it just her genetic makeup. Id love to hear about your own obsessions that get in the way of living.

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