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Blog 5- Friendships

As a 55 year old woman, I have learned that a couple of really good friends is all you need or its what I need right now. I often think about my friends from childhood into adult hood who were an integral part of my everyday life. At the time I thought they would be there forever. Things change, people change. A part of me still misses and wants those friendships. I have put a lot of thought into this since it was painful to lose so many important people in my life. Things changed when I moved away from my hometown when I was in my early 40's. There is this quote that may explain types of different friendships.

"There are three types of friendships in life.

Friends for a reason

Friends for a season

and friends for a lifetime".

I still don't have all the answers on why some friendships last and others don't. Some people would say you need to nurture the friendship, you know the give and take. Why is it that some last a life time? Maybe those friendships have a better foundation? Maybe its vitally important for those friendships to endure the tests of time. Perhaps, they don't last because there is some unknown issues that were never resolved. As I was thinking about this topic last night, I thought maybe I could equate it to a marriage or a union of two people, some last some don't. I quickly dissolved that idea because I'm still good friends with my ex and we have been through a lot and we have a daughter together this makes it different since we are still connect through her. I'm talking about friendships that weren't in anyway romantic.

I may never truly understand it and maybe I'm not meant to.

I logically understand why some friendships dissolve. People outgrown each other, their needs change, sometimes they no longer fit into that friendship. I have definitely changed which I believe we all have. In the end I still mourn those friendships and probably always will.

What are your thoughts? Id love to hear from you, maybe just maybe there could be something I've missed or never thought of.

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